The special mixture of scientific innovation, unspoiled nature and cultural dynamics makes Bielefeld an exciting destination.

Whether you are planning a city trip, a hiking vacation or a cultural stay, Bielefeld perfectly combines the advantages of a big city with a great range of spare time activities, including cultural and sporting activities as well as shopping.


Combining a long textile tradition with contemporary architecture and modern art, a city trip to Bielefeld is an impressing experience.

A relaxed stroll through the vibrant city center, featuring a great range of shops and boutiques, partly preserved neo-renaissance buildings, small wine bars and first-class restaurants makes you forget time for a moment.

Among the cultural landmarks Bielefeld offers to visitors are the art gallery, the city theater, the city hall and a great number of museums located in and around the city. But there is more to explore, for example the Botanical and Japanese Garden, the Obersee (Upper Lake) with its viaduct as well as the historic Johannisberg Park.


Being a popular hiking and climbing destination, the Teutoburg forest, including the Hermann Heights, one of the most beautiful German hiking trails, and the Hermann monument invites you on an exciting journey.

Another unique experience of nature is Olderdissen Wildlife Park covering an area of 16 hectares and featuring more than 90 animal species.

If you rather want to travel back to the Middle Ages, Sparrenburg castle is the right place for you. Every summer, the mighty fortress becomes host to the “Sparrenburgfest”, a medieval party including crafts shows, live music and many more.