Scope of application

1. The current general terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts concluded with Légère Hotel Luxembourg (hereafter called the “Hotel”). No other general terms and conditions may form part of the contract, even if the hotel does not expressly exclude such other terms and conditions.
2. The sub-letting of the rooms and conference areas provided and any use for anything other than the standard or agreed purposes shall require the prior written consent of the Hotel.

Conclusion of the contract

1. The accommodation contract shall enter into force when the Hotel accepts the customer’s reservation.
2. The contract on the rental of conference areas and the agreement on further services for hosting events shall enter into force upon the return of the signed offer by the customer within the option period specified in the offer.
3. Offers without an option period shall not be binding and shall not give rise to any reservation claims.
4. The contract partners shall be the Hotel and the customer. If a third party has acted on behalf of the customer, he/she shall be liable to the Hotel for all obligations arising from the contract together with the customer as joint debtors.

Services, prices, payment, offsetting

1. The Hotel shall be obliged to make the rooms and conference areas booked by the customer available and to carry out the agreed services.
2. The customer shall be obliged to pay the prices agreed for rental and further booked services to the Hotel. This shall also apply to additional services requested by the customer on-site and to third-party expenses paid by the Hotel.
3. The agreed prices shall include statutory VAT, unless otherwise specified. VAT may be altered by Law without prior notice, in which case the prices shall be adapted accordingly.
4. The prices may also be altered by the Hotel if the customer requests subsequent changes in the number of booked rooms, the number of event participants, the services of the Hotel or the duration of stay for the guests and the Hotel consents to those changes.
5. Hotel invoices shall be payable within 14 days of receipt. The Hotel shall be entitled to call in overdue receivables at any time and request immediate payment. If payment is in arrears, the Hotel shall be entitled to charge interest on the arrears.
6. The Hotel shall be entitled to request an appropriate advance payment or security deposit upon conclusion of the contract or thereafter. The advance payment amount and the payment dates shall be stipulated in the contract.
7. The Hotel’s payment claim may only be offset or reduced by the customer on the basis of an undisputed or legally binding claim. The same shall apply if a customer wishes to assert a right of retention.

Guarantee of individual room reservation

1. The following conditions shall apply to non-guaranteed reservations: if the guest does not arrive by 4 pm on the agreed day of arrival, there shall be no accommodation obligation. The Hotel shall be entitled to allocate the room to someone else without informing the guest with a non-guaranteed reservation if that guest has not checked in by 4 pm at the latest.
2. Reservations for those arriving after 4 pm must be guaranteed for late arrival. A guaranteed reservation shall be held until 12 noon on the day after the specified day of arrival.
3. A valid credit card or written guarantee confirmation by the company (only for companies with a credit line) shall be accepted as a guarantee.

Cancellation and failure to arrive

Any cancellation must be made in writing and shall require the written consent of the Hotel. If this is not forthcoming, the price agreed in the contract must be paid, even if the customer does not take up the contractual services. This shall not apply in cases where the Hotel fails to fulfil its obligations or is incapable of fulfilling those obligations.

A) Individual room reservation (single reservation):

1. Individual reservations (with the exception of the early booking rate, see below) may be cancelled without charge up to 4 pm on the day of arrival at the latest. A cancellation fee amounting to the rate for the first night’s stay shall be charged for cancellations after 4 pm.
2. If the guest fails to arrive, a fee amounting to the rate for the first night’s stay shall be charged. Further nights shall automatically be cancelled by 12 noon on the day after the specified day of arrival if the guest has not arrived.
3. Early booking rate: this rate shall be subject to special conditions: 100% advance payment for the booked services shall be required upon reservation and shall be debited from the specified credit card. Cancellation of the reservation free of charge shall not be possible. The entire advance payment shall be retained as a cancellation fee if the guest cancels. The reservation dates cannot be changed. The original reservation may be cancelled under the aforementioned conditions and a new reservation may be made at the current rate under the current conditions on that day.

B) Event reservation, group reservation:

1. If a cancellation deadline has been agreed in writing between the customer and the Hotel, the customer may withdraw from the contract by that deadline without the Hotel being entitled to claim payment or compensation. The customer’s withdrawal right shall lapse if he/she does not assert his/her right to withdraw in writing by the agreed deadline.
2. The cancellation fees specified in the relevant contract shall apply to cancellation after the contractually agreed deadline.

Withdrawal by the Hotel

1. If the contract specifies advance payment and this is not made promptly by the contract partner, the Hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract.
2. The Hotel reserves the right to run a credit-card check and pre-authorisations. The customer shall be informed if a card is invalid and shall have 48 hours to provide valid card details. If this does not happen within this period, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
3. Furthermore, the Hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract on extraordinary and justified grounds, e.g. if

– force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of the Hotel make it impossible to fulfil the contract,
– rooms or conference areas are booked under misleading or false details, e.g. the personal details of the customer or the intended purpose,
– the Hotel is given due cause to suspect that the use of Hotel services could endanger the smooth business operations, security or reputation of the Hotel, without this being attributable to the Hotel’s organisation,
– there is any violation of Paragraph 2 of the “Area of application” clause.

4. The Hotel must inform the contract partner immediately if it is asserting its right of withdrawal and shall reimburse the contract partner for its services in return, minus any costs for services already rendered.
5. The contract partner shall not be entitled to claim compensation from the Hotel unless it is a case of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of the Hotel, its legal representative or auxiliaries.

Provision, handover and return of rooms and conference areas

1. The customer shall not be entitled to the provision of specific rooms.
2. The reserved rooms shall be available to the contract partner as of 3 pm on the day of arrival and should be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure. The Hotel shall be entitled to charge the following additional fees if the reserved rooms are not vacated on time: up to 2 pm: € 20.00, up to 4 pm: € 40.00, up to 6 pm: € 60.00. A further night’s stay shall be charged for departure after 6 pm.
3. The reserved conference areas shall be available to the contract partner for the contractually agreed timeframe. The Hotel shall be entitled to charge additional fees if the reserved rooms and premises are not vacated on time.
4. If the event organiser reduces the original number of confirmed participants by more than 10%, the Hotel reserves the right to move the event to other premises more suitable for the current size of the event differing from those originally confirmed.

Provision of alternative accommodation

1. The Hotel may provide the contract partner/guest with adequate alternative accommodation of the same quality where reasonable, particularly if the change is marginal and justifiable.
2. A change shall be justified, for example, if the room has become unusable, if guests already staying in the room wish to prolong their stay, if the Hotel is overbooked or if any other major business measures make such a change necessary.
3. Additional expenditure for alternative accommodation shall be borne by the Hotel.


The contract partner shall be liable to the Hotel for any damage caused by him/her or the guest or any other persons who take up or accept the Hotel’s services with the knowledge or in accordance with the intention of the contract partner.


1. No pets shall be allowed anywhere in the Hotel.
2. Smoking shall be prohibited in all enclosed rooms in the Hotel. There shall be designated smoking areas in the hotel grounds, which shall be clearly labelled and equipped with ashtrays. Smoking shall be permitted only in those areas. In connection with accommodation in a hotel room (all of our rooms are non-smoking rooms and are marked as such), smoking in such a room constitutes violation of the contract. It is subject to a flat-rate contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 150.00. This fee is the guest’s contribution to the cleaning expenses (curtains, furniture, etc.). If the room cannot be rented out again on the same day because it strongly smells of smoke, an additional night will be charged at the hotel’s rate.
3. Each guest must complete a registration form upon arrival. This is prescribed by Luxembourg Law.
4. Upon arrival, the guest shall be obliged to allow the Hotel to record the details of a credit card as security for his/her room charges (exception: if a company is paying the guest’s bill in its entirety and confirms this in writing). If the guest has no credit card available, cash payment shall also be accepted. Cash sums exceeding the room charges shall be reimbursed upon departure.
5. The following credit cards shall be accepted: American Express, Visa, MasterCard.

Final provisions

Any amendment or addition to the agreement or these general terms and conditions must be made in writing. Unilateral changes or additions made by the customer shall be invalid.
The place of execution shall be Luxembourg. The place of jurisdiction shall be Luxembourg. Luxembourg Law shall apply. Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be or become invalid or null and void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. The standard statutory regulations shall apply in all other respects.

Munsbach, 01.05.2010